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Bodega Gotica are a family business that has been producing grapes for several generations in the municipality of Rueda. In the year 2004, they started the production of wines with grapes always produced by them.

The plantation is in trellis located in the municipality of Rueda in 4 plots and carried out between 1983 and 2001.

The winemaking is carried out by cold criomaceration. The alcoholic fermentation is long lasting because the temperature at which it is made is 9.5-10ºC. The winery has recent French technology and 240,000 BTU as it works with low temperatures. The filtration is tangential and is done only once to maintain the quality of the wine.

The harvest is mechanized and nocturnal. All the grapes produced are produced by us. The harvest is done at night to ensure that the grapes that reach the cellar are cold. The temperature of the grape in the hopper is usually between 8ºC and 14ºC. The time that elapses from the start of filling the stainless steel tub until the grape is poured into the hopper of the cellar ranges between 50-75 minutes.

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