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Once upon a time there was a magical house, a house where wines were made and sold, special wines that expressed a careful care for nature and traditions.

People liked the wines that that house provided, because it facilitated the enjoyment of good times in the company of their loved ones.
Also many nearby workers wanted to work in this house, so much, that there was a long line of people who wanted to work there, because there, the workers were well treated and could express their opinions freely, be committed and be innovative.
For their part, the suppliers also wanted their products and services to be present in this house because the house made them better and they helped the house in a mutual relationship.

The local communities also wanted the house to be in their community since, in that house, they all acted as good citizens.
But, beyond all this, in this house, they were also able to achieve it by producing enough profit to ensure that the house remained open year after year without having to give up on being so magical.

In those moments in which the conditions of the social environment are so adverse to us, that we end up accepting discouragement, injustice and iniquity as habitual companions of travel and any exciting project we feel a chimera more of a distant past, make a Declaration of principles requires us to accompany it with a firmer declaration of future commitments:

  • In the face of widespread injustice you will only find constant and rebellious HONESTY .
  • In the face of disbelief, we will walk our own path taking each step with TENAZ AUDACIA .
  • Before the discouragement the constant search to make certain a dream with OBSESSIVE PASSION .

... Because this is how La Casa Maguila will be, we will put life in it.

Casa Maguila Angelitos Negros 2017

Angelitos Negros is a red wine from the D.O Toro produced by Vinos y Viñedos de La Casa Maguila.

Casa Maguila Cachito Mío 2015

Cachito Mío is a red wine from Toro prepared by Vinos y Viñedos de La Casa Maguila. It is a varietal Tinta de Toro.

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